/haf / (say hahf)

noun (plural halves /havz / (say hahvz))
1. one of the two equal (or approximately equal) parts into which anything is or may be divided.
2. Sport either of the two periods of a game.
3. Rugby Football
a.halfback (def. 1).
b.five-eighth (def. 1).
4. Golf an equal score (with the opponent) either on a hole or on a round.
5. one of a pair.
6. Colloquial a half-pint, especially of beer.
7. being one of the two equal (or approximately equal) parts into which anything is or may be divided.
8. being equal to only about half of the full capacity or capability: a half measure.
9. partial or incomplete: a half job.
10. to the extent or measure of half: a bucket half full of water.
11. in part; partly.: half done
12. to some extent.: half inclined to do the job
13. and a half, of an exceptional nature: it's a job and a half.
14. by half, by a great deal; by too much: too clever by half.
15. not do things by halves, to perform a task (or tasks) with maximum effort and attention to detail.
16. not half, Colloquial certainly; indeed.
17. not half bad, Colloquial surprisingly good; quite good: his first poems were not half bad.
18. not the half of it, the less significant part of something: you think we're in trouble, but that's not the half of it.
19. one's better half, Colloquial one's spouse.
20. someone's other half, either one of two people (especially a married couple) who are regarded as complementing each other perfectly.
21. the other half, one segment of society in contrast to the rest, as the rich contrasted to the poor: so that's how the other half lives.
{Middle English; Old English side, part}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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